Favourites: February 2017


Chanel’s Little Black Jacket Exhibition (2013)

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Ah, February‚ÄĒa relatively short month of¬†28 days for year 2017 and only 20 working weekdays, with cold night-walks back home (which is strange for a country with no 4 seasons and lies so close to the equator).

Ironically, compared to January, the shorter the month, the more time I had to spend on self reflections and so for this second month of the year, I managed to have slightly more favourite items to share. I’m afraid there¬†aren’t any¬†more than last month, but there’s a bit more variety this time around!


Bridget Jones’s Baby
Whenever a film has instalments, nothing could ever beat the first movie¬†and¬†I would agree with that‚ÄĒexcept maybe because I’m such a sucker for happy endings (yay to Darcy and Jones!) and spiffier outfits¬†(seriously, thank our¬†fucking¬†stars there weren’t anymore of those ill-fitting loose¬†blazers and unflattering¬†bobbly¬†outfits), I very much prefer this 3rd¬†movie.¬†Of¬†course good old Jones is¬†still fucking clumsy but this time round, she appeared somewhat charming (I had no idea that that was even possible).¬†But perhaps the most important of all: that mood during¬†that night scene with Darcy after the christening with¬†that¬†accompanying¬†background music¬†was probably all it needed to seal the deal (well, it is¬†Colin Firth after all).

Unfortunately, British films tends to bring out a portion of the British side of me (i.e.: potty-mouth), and although I know that we are in a day and age where nobody blinks an eye towards expressive vulgarities, still, I am sorry about this.


MUJI¬†ÁĄ°ŚćįŤČĮŚďĀ¬†nail polish, Beige
Because of my inability to have steady hands and my busy schedules, I don’t enjoy painting my nails very much.¬†But I also hate looking at unpolished toenails while wearing¬†open-toe heels, so¬†I usually paint my nails¬†in a skin tone shade¬†(rendering my feet like that of a scary mannequin) because I realise this makes¬†mistakes less detectable.

I’ve tried quite a lot of nude-shade nail polishes: Dior, Revlon, OPI, Essie… but there’s always this¬†twinge of purple and grey undertones on them when viewed from certain lightings and angles, and it renders¬†my feet¬†like the undead!¬†However, this particular polish has¬†a hint of pink undertone instead, which is very nice! While it’s not very opaque, one single coat is usually good enough for me‚ÄĒif I able to fully concentrate: that is,¬†sticking to¬†my twice a month (before bed) nails painting schedule; no rush, no mistakes!


Metal spoon for lunch
I’ve had this since¬†2009 and it was from my holiday in Thailand¬†with my friends. I had used¬†one during my nightly dinner (a small couple-run street side beef ball noodle stall) and I had loved how it was made of stainless steel¬†and just so adorably small‚ÄĒmost of these¬†spoons are usually quite large and are made of ceramic, which meant that it was not travel friendly.

Anyway, I ended up getting one for myself before the trip was over¬†and I’m so glad I did. It can be a little screechy¬†when¬†used against my metal lunch box, but it’s okay because¬†my headphones are often blasting some TV shows¬†and I don’t always join my colleagues for lunch (I prefer home-cooked food).

I¬†Will¬†Go to You like the first Snow‚ÄĒOST Guardian: The Lonely &¬†Great God
I’ve read music for about 20 years and because of that,¬†I’m quite sensitive (aka: picky) when it comes to film/drama soundtracks. But I guess because of this¬†education, my view of music is a little¬†old school¬†(especially when it comes to¬†OST)‚ÄĒI prefer a¬†melody¬†to¬†match its lyrics, which is pretty rare in today’s context‚ÄĒmusicians¬†often want the juxtaposition because it’s a representation of¬†unpredictability, rebelliousness and¬†excitement.

So imagine my surprise when this particular soundtrack, in spite of it being sung in a foreign language, managed to summarise the drama¬†succinctly‚ÄĒevoking the bittersweet feeling of longing, loneliness and love‚ÄĒproving just how powerful this music arrangement has been; it broke the lyrical boundaries and made the listener feel the¬†unspoken. Well done!


Paris to Go: Why I Don’t Wear Vegan Leather
Anyone who’s interested in fashion¬†has probably watched the 2015 documentary film,¬†The True Cost, and while it did great at¬†exploring the impact of fashion on people and the planet, something was not addressed¬†in¬†the film: Vegan-leather fashion products. With¬†vegetarian¬†and vegan-ism growing to¬†become¬†a popular lifestyle choice today, it makes sense that¬†many people feel driven to become one‚ÄĒfor¬†the better¬†of the animals¬†and our environment… right?

Nope; Ariana’s provocatively titled¬†article begs to differ: by shedding¬†insightful¬†light on¬†what vegan leather really is, how the manufacturing process happens and the environment impacts it has to our Earth,¬†the conclusion is that¬†vegan-leather is actually far worse than leather products. Of course, it’s crucial¬†to remember that there’s nothing on this earth that we do that will have zero negative environmental and animal impacts. Instead, it’s just a matter of¬†how much¬†of such¬†impact will we¬†create?


Fifi Lapin charms + necklace = Fifi Lapin charm Necklace!
About 2 years ago, I bought some of these Fifi Lapin charms for myself and a couple of my best friends. I used to wear them individually but 1. it was quite a hassle fix the charms onto the necklace and 2. I never knew which one to wear!

So earlier in the month, I decided to crack out my toolbox and had¬†them attached altogether on a single chain¬†(an idea that¬†came from seeing¬†charm bracelets). Now, on days when I’m wearing simple¬†cashmere jumpers from Grana, Topshop jeans and a bit of Lucas Papaw as my lip balm, I’ll spiff up¬†my outfit with this and I think the overall look is pretty charming (pun intended!).


I’ve come to realise that doing these favourite posts takes a little bit to get used to¬†because¬†I’ve to make it a point not to write too much‚ÄĒelse it’ll just become a BA dissertation!

Do you have any favourites for the month of February? I’ll love to know about it so please do share it with me!


Favourites: January 2017

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It’s been a month since I’ve written here! A couple of my weekends in February were burned on an out-of-the-job-scope work (I had a last minute column to write), had lots of Spring cleaning to do, and without knowing,¬†time just zipped passed us all‚ÄĒwe are now in the second week of March! Can you believe that we are almost done with the first¬†quarter of the year? Yikes.

As I mentioned in my last¬†post, since January this year, I’ve embarked on¬†a¬†10-months of no spending journey and so far, I’ve been pretty¬†good at sticking to the plan. Of course, I’ll be lying if I said this wasn’t a¬†difficult challenge‚ÄĒwe are living in quite a materialistic-dominated world after all, and there will always be something that we desire to own immediately and I am no different.

So how did I conquer this?

I suppose other than constantly reminding yourself¬†on your¬†purpose of doing this challenge¬†(are you: getting out of a debt,¬†saving for a holiday, saving for the future, et cetera), one of the other things that¬†I did to prevent¬†myself from being tempted to¬†spend was to take a step back at the end of every week and reflect on what I had enjoyed‚ÄĒusing and/or doing.

Of course, it was hardly¬†surprising¬†that this action helped¬†me better appreciate the things that I currently own (hence this post’s title). But as someone who is quite a sentimental fool, this self reflection ended up helping me to decide what are the¬†things that I shouldn’t be hoarding any longer and I was pleasantly taken aback at my ability to let them go¬†easily now.

So without further ado, here are some of my favourites in January!


The Body Shop muslin cloth
This isn’t the first time I’ve heard of a muslin cloth. It’s quite a handy piece of fabric because of its multiple¬†uses‚ÄĒfrom making dresses out of it, to becoming cheap green screens in film, and even as a diaper to help toddlers wean of wearing diapers altogether (that’s what my mother did for me). But perhaps the best use of it all: for your face.If your skin is a combination of sensitivity and spottiness, then this might be something you should try! The muslin cloth made cleaning more thorough and I don’t experience as much clogging or breakouts¬†like I once did (damn you puberty!). Every evening, I’ll pair this with my¬†Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleanser^¬†and I do find that it’s very helpful in getting rid of those pesky little¬†surface bumps. Of course, there are also other brands that makes muslin cloths but I find that size from¬†The Body Shop¬†is the most ideal for our face.


ROOTOTE canvas tote bag of Mount Fuji
Unfortunately, this design¬†was specifically made and sold only in¬†Japan,¬†and¬†I bought this late last year, at¬†the¬†Tokyo Haneda Airport‚ÄĒafter running back and forth through the duty free shops, trying to decide if it¬†was worth getting! And yes it was worth my money because, aside from the clever incorporation of¬†¬†Mount Fuji (can you see it?),¬†it’s huge! I’ve been using it ever since for almost everything possible‚ÄĒfrom bringing all my travelling outerwear¬†to be washed at one of those coin-operated¬†Laundromats (I don’t own dryers at home), to using it for work because it is large enough for me to put my lunch in.¬†Best of all, it has a¬†hidden¬†exterior pocket that’s¬†large enough to fit in¬†my house keys and transport card‚ÄĒnow I¬†don’t have to dig around the main compartment for these small objects like a lunatic!


Japan Flag Mug^
It’s a bit strange to say this, but this is actually the first mug that I’ve ever purchased on my own and only because (a) I love the wide mouth of it because it’s perfect for dipping in biscuits and I’m actually excited to drink water out of it, and (b) the incorporation of¬†Japan’s flag is actually one of the cleverest designs¬†that I’ve seen, compared to the other countries.


Well, I suppose that’s the end of this post;¬†I wish I had a film, book or music to include but I¬†couldn’t really recall any. I think I might have some for February’s Favourites (which I should¬†be posting next week!) so I’ll see you then!

Meanwhile, I’m curious to know what were¬†some of your favourites in January?¬†Well, if you remember of course‚ÄĒthis was a pretty late post after all!