Well, this is embarrassing—I had this page first published on 4 January 2012 but ever since then, I did nothing about it. What is worse is that I have had this space since 2007.

So lets rectify this now.


To prevent any broken hearts, this is not a beauty weblog. It is also not a fashion weblog.

In fact, I have no idea what exactly this weblog is all about, to be honest.

There is no one particular theme that I stick to and I suppose it is just one of those mumble-jumble weblogs where I just write what I want to because I love writing. I am not sure why I did not major in journalism or English literature, so perhaps the birth of this weblog was a way of trying to amend the mistake I had made during my teen years (not that I regret that decision).

So right now, I am in my apartment on a beautiful Tuesday, and I just woke up. I look outside my window and it is all misty from the rain. I have not switched on the room light because there is a fair amount of light shining through.


I used to write a lot. When I was 9, I wrote 3 little novels (out of boredom) and my classmates were immensely impressed. Then again, we were only 9.

But I did nothing about it. Then I grew up, found myself having a lot more things to do but occasionally, I recalled how nice it was to write and I had this sudden urge to do it again.

So here it is.

I hope you will enjoy it.


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