2017, in a Gist


January 2018 has ended.

The first 31 days of the year came and left, and now here we are in the middle of February! Despite work already picking up and that I have (by now) stayed in the studio anywhere from 11PM to 4AM (I should knock off at 6PM)—the first half-year still trickles by very slowly and this year is no different.

I’m not complaining. Some days, work is horrible, and that’s just that—it is just part of the life as a working adult.

But before I proceed further into 2018, here’s a quick run through of how 2017 went.



Repetto Camille Classique in Flamme, Mulberry Bayswater in Oak, Hermès Kelly black belt with silver hardware, Love Chloé and Jo Malone Earl Grey & Cucumber, Anothersole in Pony Hair and Memobottle’s A7 bottle

The good

As mentioned previously, I gave myself a challenge to stop spending for 10-months and I suppose, as a beginner, I did fairly well. Although my rules were a little more flexible than Michelle McGagh (her post was the reason I started this challenge), it was still difficult for me.

Apart from spending on the necessities, there were some things that I genuinely needed to purchase (unfortunately, this could not include dessert wine, despite how hormonal I felt for a week every month)—but even then, I couldn’t rush myself into purchasing them: I had to be 100% satisfied and this took quite a bit of time because I wanted these things to be timeless. In a world where our pace reflects that of a fast-food chain—everything had to be quick, fast, immediate—for me to do it all slowly, to wait and to do research on what suited best for my lifestyle, was uncomfortable but necessary.

The whole process made me realised that as impossible as it might seem, the item that checks all the boxes of your requirements does exist—we just have to be patient, and when we do finally purchase these things, they would be something that you’ll love for a very long time.


The bad

Unfortunately, this sacrifice was only meant for my spending/purchasing habits yet it somehow influenced the way I lived my life and caused a terrible domino effect on my wellbeing; I was working over time at least 4 days a week for 11-months without taking any day offs just to clear work, spent my weekends in bed catching up on sleep instead of enjoying the fresh air outside, did not see or text the handful of friends that I have and fell ill multiple times (along with a lower-back injury from heavy lifting during our studio move) towards the end of the year.

While I managed to take the whole December off to get my wellbeing sorted, my move to get myself fixed came a little late. I was exhausted all over, felt extremely tired of living and was creatively drained—I was so hard on myself that I’m surprised I even survived the year; this was not the kind of life I imagined myself having as an adult and this sacrifice I made benefitted no one in particular.


So yes, January 2018 has ended.

Looking back at 2017 made me realised that I do not want a repeat of this again. I’m old enough to know better yet in a matter of 2 weeks, I’ve repeated it all over again—working till 4AM and the countless ubereats… this can’t go on!

I’m not complaining. Some days, work is horrible, and that’s just that—it is just part of the life as a working adult.

But I’ve got to be better to myself—I owe myself that much; I’ll make it my goal to leave work on time, go out for a short walk after having lunch and soak up a little bit of the sun.

So happy 2018 one and all—it’s not too late to treat yourself better, starting from today.


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