2017, Year of Sacrifice


For money, that is. But what’s new?

Before I begin on the topic, I’m apologetic for the lack of updates here (my last post is a clear fail). I’ve been wanting to revive this space for a while now but haven’t done so because… the whole idea of blogging has changed drastically.

In the past, its function was to be like an e-diary, and it was so straight to the point that I didn’t have to explain what that means when I said “Oh yeah, I’ve a blog!”. However today, majority of the blogs are created solely just to become another way of doing advertorials and creating desires in people to own things that they don’t need.

But on top of that, these days, blogs are all full of images and very little text and that isn’t what I’m used to. But I suppose times have changed, and images are more exciting to look at than chunks of text. I do admit that I’m slightly lazy to be taking photographs—the whole process is so troublesome: You don’t just take an image and upload it; you have to composite the shot, take the pictures a thousand times before finding the ideal shot, upload it onto your computer, edit the picture and then rename it before uploading it for the world to see.

Good grief, that whole process felt like I just went for a run and I’ve not even begun addressing the topic of this blog!

So to end this digression, I’m going to be more diligent here. It’s really the only place I’ve got to rest my mind after a damn long day at work. I don’t know how this blog will alter as I continue but I hope it’ll be entertaining for all to visit, and I hope to have a conversation with all you strangers!

Now back to the topic on money sacrifice.


Long story short, I’ve really got to get my shit together and listen to what the financial gurus have advised all along: keep some cash in a bank and make sure that one is prepared for the worse (retrenchment? illness? computer breakdown?) and always remember that these money aren’t meant for travelling or that Céline box handbag I’ve got my eyes on.

Earlier this month, I went ahead and did some book balancing. It doesn’t look very good, I have to say (I still require a fair bit of time to finish repaying my university loans), but still, I managed to set aside some monthly deposits to be done—all to ensure I’ll be okay if an unfortunate event should happen, and frankly, so should you.

This is how I’ve done it:

  1. what exactly I am saving up for
  2. just how much money I need
  3. the deadline for me to achieve
  4. when I would like to start (preferably this month, of course)
  5. divide it up to see how much I’ll need to save per month!

One of the reasons why I’ve decided to do this is because I’ve been very inspired by Maria Van Nguyen’s post where she imposes a 6-month shopping ban on herself after shopping consciously for 6-months earlier.

Unfortunately for me, I’m really not at the stage of my life where I can justify spending as and when I please (hello pathetic pay), so I’ll have to take it a step further by not spending for a good 10-months instead. Yes, I am quite the extremist when a challenge is presented in front of me, and I know that there will always be temptation around me (us), but it should be quite fun to see just how much I could abstain.

During these ten months, I’ll be evaluating the things I want and the things I need. I do foresee lots of mending and disposing of fast fashion garments, so that should keep me occupied and prevent my desire of shopping from happening. And I suppose if that happens, there’s always the painting of my nails (speaking of which, I really need to dispose quite a bit of nail polishes).


There are further things that I’ll like to elaborate on but this has been quite a lengthy post and I’m exhausted, so I ought to stop here now.

Another post, another day soon, I promise!


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